Volfas Engelman Rinktinis 1 Pinta


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The interwar legend Volfas Engelman returned to today with RINKTINIS beer and became as relevant as it had been before. The interwar Kaunas greatest brewery was named by the name and cooked the most popular beer in Lithuania at that time. Fresh then and due to that fresh now Volfas Engelman RINKTINIS is created only from fresh specially prepared water, its luxury is revealed by luscious Perle and Magnum hops and exclusive beer yeast and the Lithuanian Pilsen type malt presents it with light colour. RINKTINIS is the banner-bearer of the brewery, it as other Volfas Engelman sorts is bottled in bottles of pint volume, NON-SCALDED, so its taste is the same at home as in the bar.

Alc. 5.2% vol.


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