SINUPRET 100 tabs by Bionorica – treats chronic sinusitis, sinus pain, upper respiratory tract infections 1 tablet contains: • Gentianae radix pulv. – 6 mg; • Primulae, flos cum calycibus pulv. 18 mg • Rumicis herba, pulv. – 18 mg; • Sambuci flos, pulv. – 18 mg; • Verbenae herba, pulv. – 18 mg. What is Sinupret? Sinupret is a herbal medicinal product that is well tolerated and has mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effect . Medicinal plants contained in Sinupret coated tablets and anti-inflammatory substances color : primrose cup , sprig of sorrel and color elderberry reduce swelling of the mucous membranes and facilitate the clearing of nasal discharge and coughing and secretions from the upper respiratory tract . Thereby supporting the recovery of mucosal tissues. The headache , which is a result of acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses ( sinusitis ) and is often accompanied by fever, soon subsides . Use of Sinupret tablets Sinupret coated tablets are used for treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and the respiratory tract, as well as an additional means of antibiotic treatment of these diseases. How often and how many Sinupret coated tablets you can take Adults and children over 12 years: 2 coated tablets 3 times daily. Children 6 to 12 years: 1 coated tablet 3 times daily. How and when to take Sinupret coated tablets? Swallow Coated tablet without chewing it, if you want a little liquid. How long should you take Sinupret coated tablets? Unless otherwise prescribed: 7-14 days. Manufacturer: BIONORICA


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