Sandoz Persen Forte *20 capsules


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Sandoz Persen Forte *20 capsules
1. What is Persen FORTE and what it is used for:
Persen Forte is a herbal medicinal product with mild
sedation .
Valerian roots have a calming effect , relieves symptoms
of nervous tension .
Help sleep insomnia .
The leaves of lemon balm enhance the calming effect
of the product.
Mint leaves are traditionally used in conjunction with
the roots of valerian plant products in
a soothing effect.
Persen FORTE is the drug of choice for treatment of
minor offenses where the use of powerful
sedatives is not rational.
Persen FORTE helps with mild transient nervousness
(like daily sedative during mental stress , anxiety,
irritability ) and / or temporary difficulty sleeping .


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