ROSHEN Chocolate Candies Leschina 1lb




Delicious praline with chopped hazelnuts in a mouth-watering chocolate coating. A wonderful combination of chocolate and crushed hazelnuts. Delicate praline, doused with chocolate icing, has an amazing nutty flavor with a slight bitterness inherent in natural chocolate.

Roshen chocolate is a combination of excellent recipes and mastery of confectioners, which ensures a high-quality product that brings true satisfaction.

And that is what we all expect from the chocolate.

Perfect for all lovers of chocolate, a snack for any occasion at any time of day.

Roshen chocolates are the highest quality products that will make your days even sweeter.

Individually wrapped.

Ingredients: granulated sugar, confectionery fats, cocoa powder, roasted crushed hazelnut kernels (6%), cocoa butter, skim milk powder, cocoa mass, fried grated hazelnut kernels (2.9%) and the equivalent of cocoa butter, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E476); flavouring vanilla identical to natural

Product of Ukraine


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