ROKISKIO Original Cheese, minimum order 2lb




Price per pound $10.30.
Minimum order 2 lb
Price for 2 pounds $20.60

Rokiskio Original Cheese
Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular and best known Lithuanian cheese in the world. Rokiskio cheese is loved not only in Lithuania but also among the consumers around the world who appreciate the typical fermented cheese flavor.

Rokiskio cheese is made ​​from only the best pasteurized milk, which is contracted with a particular enzymes, then dense mass is pressed and matured. Cheese Rokiskio is very popular and essential, not only daily, but for the holiday table as well. Rokiskio Lithuanian cheese has a pleasant spicy and long lasting taste, and is the excelent source of valuable vitamins, amino acids, fats and proteins.


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