At the table, Lithuania


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Here you will find more than 90 dishes, which Lithuanian families produce on a daily basis and on various occasions for decades, and their recipes are transmitted lipstick. The 7th chapter of the book reflects the whole cycle of Lithuanian cuisine: from breakfast to dinner, from lightning-fast to home-made masterpieces, or canned, tanned, preserved dishes. It is a book for anyone who wants to taste dishes from the Lithuanian table, to admire, feel, remember, get acquainted, fall in love with Lithuania. “It’s a book about food that I grew up eating, which awakens the very warmest feelings and the most beautiful memories. From curd pancakes and squash to cabbage with poppy seeds and beetroot marinated in apple juice. I would like to know what my children are saying. I would like to plant such a table for the whole of Lithuania and its guests. This book is a thanksgiving and love letter about the most expensive place in the world.


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