Fairy tales about love and other misunderstandings


Publisher: Dominicus Lituanus Year of publication: 2015

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“Devil Eugene Uogienin: Tales of Love and Other Misunderstandings” is the second, supplemented by V. Landsbergis’s book on the Eugene Edition of the Elderly. A funny fairy tale book “The Deer Eugene UOGININ”, full of love triangles and quadrangles. They surrounded almost all the inhabitants of the Labanor forest: the Zemaitean Isabel, the trout of Igor, the Pike of Asigenius, the Eugenian deer, and even the sunken village of Senzbernis of Pažeimenis, Jurgis Jurgutis. The book is suitable not only for beginning lovers, but also for graduates. And everyone else who gets confused in the networks of love or who is hoping to confuse the future.


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