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NO-SPA 40 mg
100 tablets

The 140.0 mg film-coated tablet contains 40.0 mg drotaverin hydrochloride, 3.0 mg magnesium stearate, 4.0 mg talcum, 6.0 mg polyvidone, 35.0 mg maize starch and 52.0 mg lactose.
Emergent material
Magnesium stearate, talc, polyvidone, corn starch, lactose.

* Spasm of flatulence associated with bile duct disease: gallstone gallstone (cholelithiasis, cholangiolithiasis), cholecystitis, pericholecystitis, cholangitis, papillitis.
* Urinary smooth muscle spasms: kidney stones, ureter stonewax, cystitis, urinary tract tenesis.

The product is effective and safe to use as an adjunct to:
* when gastric and intestinal stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, gastric and coercive spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic constipation or meteorism, pancreatitis have occurred;
* with gynecological diseases (dysmenorrhea, adnexitis), severe labor pain, tetanus uterine contractions, and abortion. Drotaverin is recommended for use in the parturition during which the placenta is removed, actively affected, to facilitate the expression of Crede and to prevent inaccuracy;
* to treat headaches caused by a circulatory disorder.

Dosage and administration
Adult patients
The usual daily dose of drotaverin hydrochloride is 120-240 mg. It should be taken 2-3 times.
For kids
* The recommended daily dose of drotaverin hydrochloride is between 40 and 120 mg for children aged 1-6 years. This dose should be taken 2-3 times.
* The recommended daily dose for children over 6 years of age is 80-200 mg.
It should be taken in 2-5 times.

Severe hepatic, renal and cardiac insufficiency, Grade II and III atrioventricular block.

The tablets contain lactose, which can cause stomach and intestinal disturbances in patients who are intolerant to it.


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