NEURO syrup 120ml




NEURO syrup 120 ml
Red passion flower, valerian root, lemon balm leaves
may help improve sleep quality. Magnesium and
vitamin B6 are important for nervous system function.
Preparation instructions: Children under 12 years –
1 spoon (5 ml) 3 times a day, Children over
12 years, teenagers and adults – 2 spoons (10 ml)
3 times a day. Suitable for children from the time
when starting giving juice.
Longer standing can cause precipitation and clouding
of syrup, so it is recommended to shake well, before
using. After opening the bottle should be stored in
the refrigerator and used within 2 months A varied
and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.
Not to be consumed by people sensitive to the
ingredients of the tea. Do not exceed the recommended
dose. Should not be used as a meal substitute.
Keep out of reach of children. Store in the
manufacturer‘s packaging, in a dry place below 25 °C.


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