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Mezimas forte 3500 is used as a substitute for pancreatic enzymes, inadequate for the production of pancreatic enzymes in the body; abnormal digestion (in case of inflammation of the pancreas or chronic inflammation of the pancreas). Mezimas forte 3500 is used for the treatment of pancreatic fibrosis (mucoviscidoze), when the absorption of nutrients is disturbed and blurred. This medicine can be used if the stomach and small intestine are removed during surgery.
Metez forte 3500 is suitable for accelerated functional intestinal passage of food (nervous origin, infectious intestinal diseases), liver and bile duct disorders, indigestion of gastrointestinal disorders and the absorption of difficult to digest vegetable, fatty or unusual foods.
Due to these properties, Mezimas forte 3500 is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding and intestinal excretion, for the preparation of patients for X-ray or ultrasound examination.

Forte 3500 is contraindicated in acute or delayed chronic conditions
pancreatic inflammation until the signs of the disease are strongly expressed.
If the symptoms of an exacerbation of the disease worsen, it is sometimes advisable to take this medicine in accordance with the diet, as the pancreatic function may not be sustained for a while or insufficient.

Forte 3500 can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effect
Even with the long and regular use of Mezim forte 3500, when there is impaired pancreas, there is no risk of side effects or complications. In children with pancreatic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis), once a pancreatin powder has been used, an immediate-type hypersensitivity reaction has been observed in isolated cases.

Interaction with other medicines is not known until now.

Dosing instructions
The dose of Forte 3500 is dependent on the degree of digestive disturbances.
The optimal dose is determined individually. If not otherwise specified, eat 1-2 tablets.
Depending on the food, and in certain cases, for example, when digestion deteriorates considerably, eat 2 to 4 coated tablets.
The recommended dose can be significantly increased.

Dosage for children should be prescribed by a doctor.

Method of administration and duration
The coated tablet should be swallowed with a low amount of water without cramping.
In the case of long-term treatment, the duration of the use is determined by the physician. The supervision of the attending physician is particularly important in determining the dose and duration of use in children.


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