Heart-Shaped Waffle Pan




Hearts pancake griddle

If you visit the childhood memories … Smells, tastes , images … maybe you remember Pancakes of Hearts and your mother standing at the stove , and the good old pan of hearts pancakes. Do you remember this ?

Pancakes of Hearts pan body is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Skillet is a strong , stable , highly durable , durable , resistant to corrosion and very high temperatures and their changes. Pans housing optimally transmit heat , allowing rapid and even heat distribution throughout the pan. It is therefore of hearts pancake pan heats evenly body and is ideal for pancakes and roasted crispy frying. Pancakes bake evenly. Bake Pancakes of Hearts has a very good taste is a favorite of both children and adults.

This us and our customers the best tested and measured responses of hearts pancake griddle pans meet all these requirements.

Made in Lithuania


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