Flour mix for pancakes




Flour mix for PANCAKES: this product is made of wheat flour of supreme grade, egg-powder, powdered milk, wheat fiber, citric acid, leavening agent, sugar and salt. It is a delicious dish which is prepared quickly.


fill out the packet content, add water as instructed, mix thouroughly to make the dough for pancakes to be fried.

Pancakes with raisins: raisins, shortly soaked in water and sprinkled with flour, are added to the dough, and mixed. Fry pancakes in hot fat. Eat with sour cream, whipped cream or jam.

Ingredients: superior grade wheat flour, egg powder, milk powder, wheat fiber, baking powder, citric acid, sugar and salt.

Make 26-30 pancakes out of 1 bag.

Weight: 500g / 17.6oz


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