MALSENA Flour mix for dessert Crepes 400g




Flour mix for DESSERT CREPES is made of wheat flour of supreme grade by adding egg-powder, powdered milk, vanilla, citric acid, sugar and salt.

Preparation: to prepare batter for crepes, add cold water to the packet content and mix thoroughly. Fried dessert crepes are delicious with a filling of curd, apple or other fruit

Ingredients: superior grade wheat flour, milk powder, egg powder, sugar, salt, citric acid, vanilla.

Nutrition facts for the 100g of product: protein – 14g, fat – 6.7g, carbohydrate – 61.8g, calories – 365.1 kcal.

Make 20-26 regular size of dessert crepes out of 1 bag.

Weight: 500g / 17.6oz


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