Chocolate collection „Rūta 1913″, 170 g


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New, classic, handcrafted chocolate line „Rūta 1913“.

The line consists of 3 different chocolate boxes, which are different in size and consists of different had-crafted chocolates.

The classic line „Rūta 1913“ is characterized by elegance, aesthetics and minimalism. The packages are white, decorated with gold dots. Inside each of the box, a short legend about „Rūta‘s“ establishment is written, which emphasizes the uniqueness of this line. On the package, you can also see company‘s motto and a signature of the factorys‘ founder. This adds value and exclusivity. The boxes are decorated with a ribbon and can have a greeting card on the top, which may be customized for different occasions.

  • Elegant chocolate box with a greeting card on the top;
  • 15 chocolates / 5 types of handmade sweets.


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