BON CHANCE bread crisps with salami 120g




With salami flavour seasoning mix

Smoke flavour specially designed to reveal this taste may misled you – it seems so natural that it makes you looking for small pieces of salami.

Package 120 g‌

Ingredients: rye-wheat bread 63% (rye flour, wheat flour, wheat fibers, sugar, vegetable oil (rape seed), yeast, iodized salt, caraway), vegetable oil (rape seed), seasoning mix 4% (salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, garlic powder, dextrose (maize), onion powder, acidity regulator Lactic acid, sugar, spices, mustard, smoke flavouring, spice extract (paprika)), water.

Nutrition value 100 g:

Energy 2090kJ/501kcal
fat (of which saturates) 28,9 g (1,2 g)
carbohydrate (of which sugars) 48,9 g (10,6 g)
fibre 9,5 g
protein 6,7 g
salt 1,9 g
Information about allergens contains gluten, may contain traces of soy and milk


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