Baltic Collection filled chocolates


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Ingredients: milk chocolate-cocoa massminimum25%(sugar cocoa fat,, whole milk powder, milk  powdered whey, palm fat, emulsifier: soy lecithin, E476; flavour) chocolate- cocoa mass minimum 35% (sugar, cocoa mass, palm fat, cocoa fat, milk fat, )spirit1%, hazelnuts 0.9%, cocoa shreds0.85, yolk powder0.3%, cocoa powder with reduced fat, coffee0.02%, black currant juice concentrate, 0.01%, emulsifiers: soy lecithin; regulator of acidity: citric acid; jellying agent: agar; stabilizer: invertase; flavours. May contain peanuts,almonds and gluten.

Chocolate and milk chocolate- except cocoa butter, it contains vegetable fat.

Net wight: 125g


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